Our work - our voice! First ICT union in Serbia


About us

Who are we?

Unitech Serbia was formed in October 2020, as the result of an initiative by a group of employees dissatisfied with the level of organizing within the ICT sector and its under-representation in the domain of social dialogue. Although our sector is growing larger and more important year in, year out, we as employees have little to no say. Many of our colleagues still work in poor conditions, for insufficient pay, with the regular occurrence of usually unpaid, overtime work.

For us, the trade union is primarily an organization through which employees exercise not only their legal rights – a minimal protection of labour rights which is often violated – but collectively acquire everything else they have the right to, or feel they need for their workplace to become better: from adequate means of work, through better benefits, more frequent breaks and respect for time off work, to the impact on the company's culture, transparency in decision-making, and the organization of work. Nevertheless, we are aware that many of us, despite of all the problems at the workplace, have a standard of living that is above the “average” in our country. We do not live in dreamland, but still, we do not let that get in the way of our efforts to make our workplaces better. We know that every time we stand up at our own workplace, we are also standing up for those who cannot, or still do not have the courage to raise their own voice. 

We have decided to build up a sectoral union for three main reasons:

  1. Our employers are organized sectorally, or even nationally within numerous chambers and associations of employers - only a sectoral union can parry with such organizations and bring employers to the negotiating table;
  2. If employees decide to establish a trade union organization in their company, it will be much easier to support them and help them in the capacity of a sectoral trade union - we are creating a structure that will facilitate such efforts;
  3. Our main long term goal is to win a collective agreement that applies to all employees in the ICT sector, whether they are union members or not – that is why it’s important for you to join us, even if you have good working conditions!


Our goal

Our main goal is promotion and development of employees’ unions in Serbia. In the short and medium term, we want to encourage, motivate and help the struggle of IT (ICT) workers for better working conditions. We are here to share our experience, methods of modern union work and organizing to every worker in this situation, and together win the struggle: efficiently, cunningly and with as few losses as possible.

In the long term, our goal is to build an organization capable of successfully representing interests of all employees in the ICT sector: in the IT in the narrower sense, the logistics supporting it, call centres, digital marketing and advertising, design, gaming, telecommunications and other areas.


  1. Collective power: behind each and every one of us, at all times, stands the whole union - no one has or should fight on their own.
  2. Realism: although we are guided by a great idea, we always start from reality and set goals accordingly.
  3. Cooperation and trust: we stand for cooperation, mutual assistance and solidarity and keep them as the highest values, and we know how to appreciate and cultivate the trust extended to us.
  4. Professionalism: our union is not just a nice story - we have the experience, the methods, the knowledge and the maturity to deliver tangible results.
  5. Transparency: we are all regularly and timely informed about everything that is happening in the union and what the union is planning.
  6. Democratic decision-making: we all participate in making important decisions, without distinction.
  7. Courage and prudence: we never put each other at risk of losing our jobs, income or a roof over our heads due to our union activities, but we are also able to hit, run and stand our ground if need be.

Strategic goals

  1. Achieving representativeness for all employees in the ICT sector in the territory of Serbia (economy/work codes: Computer programming, consulting and related activities (6201, 6202, 6203, 6209), Information services (6311, 6312, 6391, 6399), Scientific research and development (7219), Specialized design activities (7410), Office-administrative and other auxiliary business activities (8220, 8299).
  2. A collective, sectoral agreement covering all employees in the ICT sector.
  3. Increasing visibility and emphasizing the importance of organizing employees in trade unions - general education on the role and function of trade unions in the 21st century.
  4. Promotion and development of social dialogue in Serbia at all levels of society.